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Planning  and  Development program responds to a growing market demand for consulting that is based on community land-use patterns, mobility of people among land uses, sustainable-use patterns and effective resource management for the environment.


Planning brings architecture and engineering together to form a larger perspective. KS & Associate's planning initiative provides an avenue for cross-company integration requiring multidisciplinary expertise in architecture & engineering. As providers of planning, landscape architecture and urban design services, we shape places that people care about, places that endure. As a group of committed and diverse professionals, we transcend geographical boundaries and collaborate across disciplines, working together to create the best solutions for our clients.


In addition, we plan and budget for utility improvements and expansions for the following distribution and collection systems:        


  • Electricity        

  • Sanitary sewer        

  • Irrigation        

  • Domestic water        

  • Storm & sewer        

  • Telecommunications        

  • Road network & parking


Our planners, engineers, architects and scientists believe that the character of a place matters. Our role in making those places can strengthen the human communities where we live, work and play.