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Astounding  architecture is much more encompassing than outward appearance.
It's the result of a team effort yielding good building design through a process of problem
solving and innovative thinking. This is a process of synthesizing perfection, function and cost into a total working solution that will meet or exceed the client's expectations.KS & Associates' designers truly reach the heart of the matter and address the client's core problems, create dramatic spaces that work well while appealing to the people who use them. Our architecture flows directly from ideas generated from client's needs, not from a designer's preconceived notion about how a building should look. We assist the initiators of the project with their scope of work and preliminary budget development, process the project design through the various checks and reviews which serve to ensure that the projects meet all the customer's, legal & code requirements. Through bidding, construction and final closeout, we work to ensure that the end user's goals are met and the interests are served.